Friday, January 4, 2013

Dropping like flies (the flu?)

I guess it should be no surprise after all of the junk food, late nights and fun that kids are getting sick.  Mr. M was the first victim, going down on our camping trip.  I thought it was a simple cold and he seemed to recover in about three days.
With medicine like this you can't help but feel better!

Mr. S succumbed the next day (Tuesday), Miss J followed within hours.  A couple days later I was starting to suspect we were dealing with more than a simple cold.  Mr. M was still coughing, the other two were a bit better but still quite miserable.

I'm using essential oils to help us get through this bug.

Thursday morning Miss E announced that she was sick.  Mr. K and Miss C were remarkably quiet and by mid-day it was obvious they were sick too.  Its beginning to look a lot like influenza around here. :/  Fevers, coughs, achy bodies and even some...yuck!

*I'm sitting on the couch with Miss C at 3:30am as she watches a show on my iPad.  Its going to be a long few days.  I'd love your prayers for a quick recovery and strength to get through this.

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  1. I hope everyone is on the mend, and that YOU don't get sick! I'll pray today for your week. : )