Thursday, April 4, 2013

Children's museum

We visited the Children's Museum for the first time when Uncle C was here.  We had received a family membership for Christmas from Grandparents and had been looking forward to going.

Our first stop was the 4 and under room.  It was empty when we arrived so we let the older kids check it out quickly before we split up.  The little ones loved this room and would have stayed there much longer but there was a little kids story time/activity announced that sounded fun, we we went to check that out.


They loved hearing a story, playing with musical instruments, popping bubbles and doing a craft.


From there we moved on to the train room.  Mr. S loved figuring out how to start the train that ran around the ceiling.

The girls loved playing in the grocery store and making smoothies at the juice bar.


By the pictures it looks like everyone else had a great time there too.


We managed to meet up and hang out together a bit too.

We are looking forward to visiting the museum many more times in the coming year.

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