Monday, January 13, 2014

Happy Birthday Miss J!

We celebrated Miss J's birthday this week-end.  I just love how the choices she made for her day reflect who she is in so many ways.

For her birthday breakfast she chose sausage, eggs, and baked brie.  YUM!  It is quite the sophisticated breakfast for a six year old, but then she has always been quite mature for her age.  She is also quite thoughtful; which shows in her choice to include eggs.  She does not like eggs, but she knows others do.

She asked us to take her (and the rest of the family) up to a local mountain so that she could go exploring.  Yep, she is quite the little outdoorsy adventurer!
Yes, that is snow you are seeing!
The crew cooking up our "elevensies"
Bundled up all warm and cozy with mommy, she slept through all of the adventuring.
Lunch at the cute cookie/pizza cabin about a mile from the trial.

For dinner she asked for grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup, quite the cuddly comfort food.  She is a cuddly comforter too!

For her birthday cake she chose this Vanilla Bean cake.  This is a YUMMY cake, but also quite healthy.  Miss J is our health food nut around here.

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