Monday, March 10, 2014

A visit from Nana

My mom came to visit this past week-end.  Our plans for the week-end changed when Rob's knee scope (that mom had been coming to watch the kids for) got rescheduled.  We had a quiet Friday at home with the little kids while the three oldest were at a Kids Seminar about careers and such.  We picked them up a bit early so that we could all go and see the Lego Movie together (Daddy was able to meet us there after work!).  They loved the movie (and want to see it again).  Until the last 15 minutes or so it was just a big long Lego commercial and I was not impressed, but they got me in that last bit.  I liked it too.

Rob and I enjoyed having a free babysitter in house and enjoyed two date nights out with just Miss A along with us (who cooperated fully giving us two GREAT evenings).  The kids enjoyed having two junk food movie nights at home with Nana.

Nana likes playing games (and so do we), so games were played all week-end.  One evening after our date we even joined them in a game of Carcassonne.

Most of the kids are sick with colds/coughs again :/  This week-end gave me some much needed rest and time out with my hubby before going back into sick mode around here AGAIN.

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  1. Oh, I am so sorry the kids are getting sick again! Just when it seems like your family has been through every sickness they could! : ( I am praying they recover quickly, and don't get as sick as before. But how wonderful that you could have a loving Nana to come and give you and your husband a much needed reprieve and spend time with the kids! : )