Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A rainy day project

It's been raining buckets today; making it a great day for some projects.  The weather HAD been beautiful and kids HAD been asking about getting their spring/summer clothes out.  We pulled some of those out and cleaned out some closets today.  Miss J had worn holes in most of her jeans.  Today was the day for the project I was eyeing!  I asked the girls to pick fabric that they wanted their's hemmed with and we got started.
It is so much fun seeing the differences in styles Miss J and Miss C choose.  Miss J just had to have the floral jeans hemmed in camo, while Miss C loved a pink rose fabric. 

I love getting to work on projects with Miss E.  She asked if she could help, and then ended up taking over and finishing while I was otherwise occupied.

Now we'll just wait for it to warm up again. :)

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