Monday, October 26, 2015

Happy Birthday Miss A!

It was not hard to figure out what to get Miss A for her birthday.  She spends her days watching out the window for passing horses or watching the neighbors horses as they play in their fields.  Driving around our neck of the woods can be a little scary with her in the car....loud shrieks of "NEIGH! NEIGH!" sound from her every time we pass a horse.  Yea, she loves horses.  We got her one.

Not quite awake, but ready to ride!

Awake and enjoying the fun!

All ready for church; and there's still time for a ride.

Miss E and I agreed that a Teddy Bear's Picnic cake was a good idea for Miss A since she loves the book and the cake is one of her favorite parts of the book.  Miss E did a great job baking and decorating the cake.
Miss A thought the cake was nice and all, but whipped cream is more her thing.

It's bed time, but there's still time for one more ride!

Thank you Nana for the barn and animals! 

Miss A is an outgoing, independent little 2 year old that is not eager to give up her "baby" status.  She loves to help herself to food, was potty trained a couple months ago, understands way too much of what we say, thinks she can do everything the big kids can do, shows no signs of giving up the pacifier, and is a big time mama's girl/cuddle bug.  She has her older siblings wrapped around her little finger.  She keeps us all on our toes as she explores her surroundings and surprises us with new found abilities.  We are blessed to have her in our family and are thankful to God for all of the joy she brings to our lives.

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