Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Support the Pizza Party!

My kids saw these shirts (if you can't read them, they say "Proud Supporter of the Pizza Party") a couple of months ago and asked for them, and then wanted to have a Pizza Party on election day.  That seemed like a good party to get behind this year. :0

Miss E put together the invitations.  We're in a co-op that meets every Tuesday.  We made it easy and just let each kid invite one family.  We've got a lot of kids. Some of our friends have lots of kids.  It looks like there will be a good turn out.

The kids did all of the clean-up, set-up, and prep work/decorating.  We're buying the pizza and soda.  Now, don't go thinking we took this election lightly or skipped out on the real voting.  Nope, we just thought we'd also try to make some lemonade out of the lemons we were given. ;)

No matter how things turn out, The King of Kings is on His throne.  Our trust is in HIM as His children.

For kingship belongs to the LORD, and He rules over the nations. Psalm 22;28

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