Saturday, December 3, 2016

9 months!

Miss F is 9 months old!  Yikes!  Time is just flying by with her and she's doing her best to keep moving.  She's got crawling down, and she's FAST.  Now she's working on pulling up/standing.  I've seen her pull up on furniture on her own a couple of times.  She randomly lets go when we're helping her stand.  She seems sure she's got this too....I have no doubt she'll be a pro soon, in the mean time we're keeping a close eye/hand on her.

Her smile and laugh are infectious.  The sight of one of her people is all it takes to bring a big smile to her face, which then also ends up on everyone around her as well.  Mr. R is her favorite big brother, he gets the biggest grins.  He MUST greet her every morning; if he passes by without a hug and a cuddle she will cry (this routine is repeated throughout the day).

She loves bright colors best.  She discovered Mr. K's Captain America bear and was sure it must be hers (her bear is brown, that is boring).  As evidence that she's got us all wrapped around her little finger...Mr. K didn't mind sharing one bit.

She recently went on her first road trip, she wasn't a fan.  This confirmed what we already knew; she's a homebody.  She loves being at home among her people.  She loves her bed.  She's a content little girl, but she's most content when she gets to play and explore in her own space.
While she usually does well in the car, such a long drive was asking a bit much.  She was so happy to get out and crawl around in the hotel room.

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