Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

We've had Valentine fun all week here!

The kids made Valentines on Monday to send out to Grandparents. All of the kids enjoyed making the cards but Mr. S really got into using the ink pad and glue. That was a fun, red, sticky mess!

G'ma and Grandad sent a gift certificate to See's so on Tuesday we went to get our chocolates. The kids had fun picking out their own chocolates, it was fun to watch them as they made their choices. They each got to choose one row in the box and then we marked their rows so that they would be sure to get to enjoy their own choices.

Rob brought pink roses home for me earlier this week and pink carnations for the girls to share! Miss J enjoyed walking around with a couple of them for a while before she put them in the vase too.

I made some little "pillow case" dresses for the girls. Miss E and I had fun going shopping for fabrics, she did a good job picking out some cute Valentine prints. The girls looked so cute in their dresses, but I did not manage to get pictures of them in the dresses. These dresses should fit them for years, since as they grow they can just be worn as tops!


Rob makes pancakes every Saturday morning, but he drew on the griddle with pink batter to make the pancakes special for Valentines day. Most of us got hearts, but Mr. M got an MP5, I guess that was in honor of the St. Valentine's day massacre.

This morning I got up early (thanks to Miss C who is still stuffed up), and made doughnuts.
Miss E was up early too, so we had some nice time together and she helped me make the doughnuts. They were even better this time and the doughnut holes turned out very well also! We had a fun morning, and then Rob headed off to church while the rest of us stayed home since we are all still sick, though everyone seems to be past the worst of it.

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