Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Miss J!

Miss J's 3rd birthday was a couple of weeks ago, and I'm just now getting around to blogging about it. She had nearly a week of celebrating since Nana came a couple days after her birthday to celebrate with her!

Birthday cakes are a fairly big deal around here. For months she has been talking about the cake she wanted, which was actually quite simple. She wanted a purple cake with Thomas (the train) on it, and it needed to be black (chocolate) inside. I had wanted to do something a bit fancier for her, but with the morning sickness I was glad her request was a simple one. I just used a cake mix, made up some whipped cream frosting (colored purple) and made some simple tracks for Thomas. She loved watching me make the cake, and she put Thomas and some of the candies on.

*the picture makes it look grey, but it was purple!

She also wanted a tea party with Nana for her birthday (so it worked out well that Nana was coming!). For a couple of weeks she kept asking me if she could set up the tea party yet. Finally the day came! She had a great time setting up with Miss E and getting some special napkins and treats out. It was so sweet to watch her!
She had one other request.... Could her favorite bluegrass band come sing to her? Amazing Grace is her favorite, would they sing that to her? While this may seem like an odd and totally unrealistic request from a three year old, we found it sweet since this band she loves so much is a sweet family that we know and love. They were not able to come celebrate with us, but they very graciously and generously recorded a video of them singing Amazing Grace and saying "happy birthday" to Miss J. I'm not sure how many times we've watched the video. This was truly a special and treasured gift for her.
*the first evening we used the projector we borrowed from a friend

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