Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Into the Amazon

Mr. Phillips of Vision Forum, and about 30 other men are currently over in the Amazon on and expedition. While there they are broadcasting videos, and even doing live question and answer sessions. Last night was the first broadcast and Q&A session, and we all enjoyed it.

We sent in a few of our questions, and Miss E and Mr. M had their questions answered (as well as their names and ages mentioned!). That was exciting for them. Miss E's question was about vampire bats, Mr. M's was about scorpions.

I think we're going to enjoy this unit study on the Amazon, and the timing is great! I don't have to do anything to get a great lesson out of this (so very easy on the mommy with morning sickness!). We spend time as a family looking up various relevant questions and facts while waiting for the episode to download, or after. We are able to have some good discusion time too! Maybe I'll have them write papers though? We'll see.

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