Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Gem show

When my sweet husband gave me some very sparkly earrings at Christmas he also told me about the local gem show that he wanted to take me to (and that he would have cash for me to spend!).  It sounded like a fun date, and then we both decided that is would be fun to take Miss J.  She likes sparkly things and her birthday was just a couple of weeks before the gem show.  We knew she would love going as a great post birthday treat.
On our way in
Miss J saved up the Christmas and birthday money that she received so she could do some shopping.  Her eyes were wide as she soaked in all of the sights and realized how many gems were really there.  We loved seeing what she liked best (she has great taste, but a bit to sophisticated for her age).
so pretty, and so big!

Her first purchase was actually a canopy.  She was so excited when she saw them and right away she mentioned that she would be able to share with Miss E and Miss C as well.
right after her first purchase

Next she spotted some tiara earrings that she really liked and decided that those would be a good idea.
lunch out with Mommy and Daddy is a big deal

Near the end she spotted a booth with some small earrings and found that she could afford a sweet pair of blue stones.


Sleeping under her new canopy

Next she spotted some cute bracelets, and wanted to purchase one.  We had to remind her that she had already spent nearly all of her money.  She had a dollar left, they were being offered at five dollars each.  The woman at the booth must have thought that Miss J was awfully sweet and cute, because she picked one out for Miss J and let her have it for the dollar!
Showing off her new earrings

Meanwhile I had not spotted a thing that really tickled my fancy.  Jewlery is so pretty and I love the pieces my husband has blessed me with; but I guess I'm just too practical.  I turned to Rob and asked if he would please take me to the army surplus store so that I could get a dutch oven.  My husband's whole face lit up.  He was thrilled to grant my request, and the whole family is looking forward to enjoying my gift.


  1. What a wonderful post. You look beautiful, Gabe. You shared your "date" with one of your kids, giving her rare one-on-one time. She used her money first on something to share with siblings. A seller gave her a generous deal, just because she was a sweet little girl. And then you bought a dutch oven instead of diamonds. The perfect ending! : )

  2. I have the best wife in the world!

  3. Oh my . . . I'm very practical as well, though I'm not sure I could trade a little sparkle for a dutch oven! (Although, I really love my dutch oven!) Glad it was a lovely day!