Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Snow in Tucson?

Yes, this desert continues to amaze us. I had taken the little ones to a friend's house this morning, and Miss J was having a knitting lesson there. We looked out the window to see what we thought was rain. It looked like it was really coming down, but it didn't sound like rain. We. Realized it was switching over to snow!

The kids went out to play in it a bit. Mr K came in with snowflakes on his head.

he was not upset about the snow, but that I made him come in.

The older kids were making little snowballs, it was really starting to stick.

Isn't this back yard great?  I love how she has it set up.  She even has chickens and a rabbit off to the right as well as a play set for her kids.  I love how they are using this space.

On the drive home I realized that it was starting to stick in the median too.

The house looked so pretty as we drove up. It looked like a desert winter wonderland.


Kids bundled up and headed out to play.



When they came back in we had tea and "caramel" corn (made with honey, no sugar) and watched The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.

What a fun day.  Now the snow has mostly melted here, and we are enjoying the view of the snow capped mountains out our window.

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