Monday, March 4, 2013


As I walked into the kitchen the other day I saw Mr. M sitting at the school room table.  He was supposed to be working out in the yard.  A closer look revealed the problem, he had a big piece of cactus stuck to his hand.  He had been attempting to remove it on his own but had just come to the realization that some help may be needed when I walked in.

I was able to clip off the big piece so I could work on the spines one at a time.  Poor guy, these were in deep.  He had a great attitude as I pulled them out one at a time.  To distract him we turned on "How its Made" and let him suck on some green tea mints.


One or two were in really deep.  I used some essential oils topped with a warm washcloth to help with the pain and to draw them out.


A moustache bandage makes it all better!

*If you are interested in using essential oils for your family check out this link or feel free to e-mail me with questions gabe @ largefamilysmallworld . com


  1. Ouch! We had a pet sit on one of those once! It was pretty funny.... What is in the "Pan Away" essential oil blend?

  2. Theophanie- the Pan Away has peppermint, wintergreen, helichrysum, and clove oils in it. It is for pain and inflammation. So far everyone in our family that has tried it has been helped by its use. I like the smell of it too.