Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Uncle C comes to visit

My "little" brother came for a visit last week.  He just finished his PhD and had some time while waiting for his visa so that he can start his Formula 1 job in the UK (How fun does that sound?).

He was greeted by Mr. S's new buddy.


My step-mom surprised me by sending a set of Waltzing Hammers by my Dad with Uncle C.  It was a piece I had requested, but didn't know how soon I'd actually be able to get it into my house.  Mr. M helped put it back together.


We all went to the Children's Museum one morning (but that will be its own post), and had a great time.

The kids talked Rob into taking Uncle C to Trail Dust town to see a stunt show.   We got there a bit early so we went to the shooting gallery and posed for some pictures.


Mostly we just enjoyed hanging around the house letting the kids show Uncle C all of their activities and hobbies.

My brother's visit was great timing even though I'm having a rough time with morning sickness.  Because Rob was able to take the time off and the kids were just thrilled to get to play with their uncle I was able spend most of his visit resting.

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