Saturday, June 1, 2013

Happy Birthday Mr. M!

We were on the road (driving day) for Mr. M's birthday.  That may seem like a bummer of a birthday for turning 10, but we made up for it.  He asked for McDonald's pancakes for breakfast, but Miss E pointed out that at the next exit (close by) Burger King had one of their special drink machines.  He opted for that.

*He had already been promised a mocha/coffee, then was allowed to get Dr. Pepper.  You can imagine the potty stops we had to make.

Uncle D told us about a great Bass Pro store along the way.  Mr. M wanted to stop.  We spent 4 hours there (including lunch and the in-store restaurant)!


*Mr. M wasn't the only one who thought this place was intended for him.  Mr. K had a great time playing here!

We pulled into OKC just in time to drop off the trailer and head to Texas Road House for the birthday boy's requested dinner.

Happy Birthday Mr. M!!!!
*We headed out the next morning narrowly missing the storms that brought the damaging tornadoes.

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