Wednesday, June 26, 2013


In some ways it feels like we are enjoying some lazy days, but looking around here, it is obvious that we are not.  Yes, we are enjoying our days.  Lazy?  Not so much.  There are projects going on everywhere I look.

Mr. M is reclaiming a bookshelf that died in the last move (the shelves were barely usable so it was still around in a back room).  Daddy picked up some pallets, and Mr. M has been busy dismantaling them and backing the bookshelf with them.

Miss E has been sewing quite a bit.  The little girls have been joining her and it is fun to see what they come up with.  Four pillows were made the other day.


The area wildlife is showing up in abundance these days, making these days a boy's dream come true.  At least two lizards are caught everyday.  Various bugs are being contained for observation.  One poor lizard got a leash.

I'm busy with school planning, chore and schedule organizing, child training, growing a baby, and enjoying my kiddos.

*This may look like a big mess of papers and books, but in reality it is great progress towards an organized school year!


As I type a surprise is baking in the oven for me.  Miss E is enjoying more free time by spending more time in the kitchen.  Little ones love joining her in there, and we all enjoy the fruits of her experimenting, fun, labors.
*This was the surprise.  A cheesecake!  YUM!

What fun summer days!

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  1. You all have so much fun! Power tools, lizards, baking, sewing, fly-swatting--your kids are having such a great childhood. : )