Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A new kitten!

We were down to just one cat and feeling the need for another one.  At just the time we were thinking we should ask around if anyone had kittens we got an e-mail from friends who had received one of our kittens last year.  Their cat had kittens, did any one want one?

This is Cookie.

Cookie fits in well with our family.  He is sweet, seems to enjoy some cuddles, but has lots of spunk to him.

He is getting lessons in life with Mr. K (and Mr. K is getting lessons in life with a kitten).  Both have some learning to do.  Kitty is learning that it may be best not to walk up to Mr. K or sit down next to him.  Mr. K is learning to be gentle and to put kitty down when he is wiggling or scratches WILL happen.  Both seem to like one another despite their differences and look like they may become buddies once they get a few things worked out.

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