Monday, July 8, 2013

A very productive Saturday

Saturdays are often cleaning or work days around here, and that was the plan for today.  Our day ended up being even more productive than first planned.  My plan for the morning was to make Peach BBQ sauce (peaches were on sale, $.48 a pound!) while the kids cleaned bathrooms and floors.

*Even the little ones get into the cleaning.  Mr. K had so much fun helping Miss E clean the mirrors.  It looks like he did a good job too!

When a friend stopped by with some surplus produce my plans for the rest of the day changed.  I already had plenty of peaches, and she happened to come with just about all of the remaining needed ingredients for peach salsa.  

I love all of the bright colors when I get it all in the pot.  Once it is processed it loses much of the contrast, but it sure is pretty while it cooks!

Meanwhile the little kids took over our bedroom.  I had picked up a kitchen set the other day and we put it in our room to clean up before moving it to the girls room.  We were so busy the last two days we just didn't get to moving it.  The little girls brought their new quilt into the room and put it on our bed and set up house there.  It was so sweet to see them playing.  Mr. K is loving the set too.

I realized I had everything I needed to make a batch of regular salsa as well.  So, while Rob took the big kids to a friend's house to swim and the little ones napped, I made that up.

12 jars of peach BBQ sauce, 7 jars of peach salsa, and 5 jars of salsa

Dinner ended up being extra bright and colorful with roasted peppers and sautéed zucchini (part of the produce from a friend), salad with raspberries, peach salsa (for the chicken), and broiled peaches.


After dinner I shredded up most of the zucchini that was brought over.  Now it is in the freezer ready to be made into bread or muffins when Miss E wants to (one of her favorites).
What a day!  I'm thankful for our day of rest on Sunday.  I needed it!

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