Thursday, September 19, 2013

Embroidery machine fun and getting ready for baby

I've had quite a few little projects on my mind the past few months.  Little things I wanted to do to get ready for Miss A.  This past week-end we had a "girls week-end" which was the perfect opportunity for getting to some of these projects.  I loved that the girls were able to be involved in some of these projects too.

I made up a couple of burp cloths with our family crest/shield.  The one with the full crest is backed in royal blue minky.

I made some sweet "harvest" burp cloths and backed those in orange minky.


A couple of new burp cloths for the diaper bag were needed.  I love these verses!  One is backed in brown minky.  I may or may not back the other in turquoise minky, I have not decided yet.

"eat me" and "drink me" Alice in Wonderland burp cloths were something I just could not pass up.  I still want to make a white rabbit one as well as possibly Mad Hatter and Alice also.


After being in use for 3-5 years nearly all of our cloth wipes were about done for.  I made up a large stack of green wipes (with a small dot print) and a smaller stack of girlie colored wipes as well.

I also completed a couple of bibs that were left nearly done.  Miss C was so excited to see them, she still enjoys getting new bibs even though she has mostly grown out of wearing them.
Incase you can't tell, the embroidery is pieces of bread with PB, the backgrounds are "strawberry jelly" and "grape jelly"

Whew!  What a productive day!  I was able to mark quite a few things off of my list.  I feel like anything else I manage to get to at this point (in the way of sewing) will just be a bonus.

*Nearly all of these items have duplicates that are available for purchase.  If you are interested in purchasing any of the above items you can contact me through commenting here or e-mailing me  
gabe @ gabesbabes (dot) com

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