Monday, July 21, 2014

A visit from Nana

My mom came for a visit.  She always does a few weeks after we move to help finish the unpacking.  I'm so blessed.  She generally shows up when we're tired of the move in process, but have a bunch of details yet to take care of.  This time she handled finding homes (on our shelves) for most of our easy task.

We managed to have a bit of fun while she was here.  She took us all to see the new Planes movie and then we took her out for dinner at Red Robbin.

Since she came just days after my birthday, right before her own, and a month before Miss E's we all went out for a special girls night.  Since Miss J is a big fan of baked brie (the desired snack for the evening) she tagged along too.  We enjoyed our snack and some fun desserts as well.

Thanks for visiting Mom, and thanks for all of the help!

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