Monday, July 14, 2014


Miss A and I packed up and headed up to Denver for the Thirty-One Gifts Conference.

As soon as I got there Miss A made friends with my friend that I was meeting up with there.  I had a great time.  The speakers were excellent; at times I felt more like I was at a woman's retreat rather than a business conference.

Miss A hauled her baby around everywhere she went.  Just like me. ;)

Miss A made friends wherever we went.  Crawling around in the convention center.

On the bus.

*When we got on the bus/shuttle this woman said "Oh, another baby!  I'm gonna have to steal one today."  Since I ended up sitting across the isle from her I handed Miss A over to be Ohh'ed and ah'ed over while my arms took a break.  This sort of thing happened several times.  Mamas missing their little ones asked if they could kiss her head or hold her a minute.

I loved that there was a praise and worship session early on Saturday morning.  It was such a wonderful time.  Miss A even napped through it all allowing me to fully enjoy it!

I had a great time with this friend and getting to know her a bit better.  She is actually a friend of Rob's from high school and also home schools her several children. :)  We joked that we stuck together for "shock" value.  She is pregnant with #7 and I had #8 with me.  You should have seen some of the faces. I guess people are not used to families of such size?
 At one point we were in line with a woman pregnant with #6.

I'm an independent consultant with Thirty-one Gifts.  If you are interested in learning more you can visit my site for more information.

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