Saturday, August 9, 2014

collecting fire wood

We have a fireplace (with stove insert) at this house.  We're all looking forward to some cozy fires this winter and even heating with wood most of the winter.   The base has a spot where they put all of the trees/logs they had to cut down (for various reasons) that we can go to to collect fire wood!

The catch?  They are full sized logs.  They have to be cut up before loading them up.  Daddy cut them up....

...while the kids loaded.

We've made 2 trips so far.  We will make a few more before splitting the wood.

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  1. We have a wonderful wood stove and heat mostly with it all winter long. I love the cozy feel that it gives the whole house. And it's a wonderful experience for boys to be responsible to bring the firewood to the house so it's always available. Happy Chopping!