Friday, August 22, 2014

The first day of school!

We had our first day of school this week!  We even did school pictures first thing in the morning.

I had some special goodies for each of them in their space at breakfast.  I even found chocolate crayons!

Yea, Miss C is the crayon eating kid in the class. ;) 

Our first day flew by with passing out books, going over the schedule/routine and such.  We even managed to get to the park for an ice cream social to learn more about a local Homeschool Science group.  Mr. R is very excited about it.  We're all very excited about the coming school year and the many things we have planned.

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  1. Miss E, Miss C and Mr K look adorable in their new glasses! I just got new glasses myself… still strange to look in the mirror and find someone with glasses looking back at me!

    Moriah :)