Wednesday, September 3, 2014

10 months

Miss A hit 10 months last week!  Time sure is flying by with her.  She is growing like a weed as evidenced by her clothes no longer fitting (it's just about time to pull out the fall clothes!).  With all of that growing, it is no surprise that she loves to eat.  Apples, carrots and cheese seem to be her favorite foods right now.

With so many big brothers and sisters in various activities or needing appointments she's always on the go, and does not seem to mind too much.
all packed up for a long morning/afternoon out for a Science group meeting

She is always learning new things.  She can stand on her own very well.  Walking should not be too far behind.  For now she enjoys pushing her little stroller.
Miss A loves to cuddle and her favorite way to sleep is in the arms of her mommy or favorite big brother (yes, she does have a favorite).

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  1. Beautiful baby!! All your babies are beautiful!! Miss you!