Thursday, October 9, 2014

Num, num, num...

Besides a "k" sound for "kitty," "nu, nu, nu" (her version of "num, num" asking for food) is Miss A's favorite word.  She loves to eat, and we are happy to feed her.  She's discovered that one great thing about big brothers and sisters is that they often love to share.  Miss E introduced her to chocolate chip cookies yesterday.

Today after lunch she watched very carefully as Miss E passed out cookies to all of the other kids.  I was watching her closely to see if she was going to ask.  Sure enough, once everyone else had one she sweetly said "nu, nu" which earned her a small piece of a cookie.

*After running a couple of quick errands with only 3 kids we're enjoying this cool rainy day at home. I think the weather is telling us to enjoy a quiet afternoon of cuddling, reading and maybe some games.  Ah, I love fall!

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