Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Why so little blogging?

You may have noticed that my posts  are becoming few and far between.  If you are like my mom, you've figured out that we're super busy these days and I just have not had much time to write out posts.  I decided to make a point to blog about my day today.  It reflects many of my days, just different appointments/meetings/activities.  Same crazy busy days though.

This morning someone forgot something.  So I needed to run it to them.  Big kids that stayed behind did breakfast clean up and worked on AWANA verses until I got home.  Then we did school for a while.

Next up?  Hair cuts!  The boys were looking a bit fuzzy.  I did 2 haircuts and supervised 2 more.

A couple of little girls were needing baths.  Rub-a-dub-dub time for them to scrub while bigs cleaned up after lunch.

Nap time for littles gives us a bit of quiet time for reading a biography to bigs/middles.  We love to read out loud.

Off to our Azure drop.  We've committed to helping our drop coordinator with set up, passing out the bulk splits, and helping to get boxes out to cars for those that need the help.  This is such a great opportunity for the kids to serve and to learn some of the ins and outs of something like this.  It's not as easy as just taking boxes off of a truck!  We sure enjoy getting to see our friends and meeting new people.
Look at all of those boxes of food!  The kids had fun helping to unload the truck.
Dividing up the bulk splits.  Most of the kids helped with this as well.

Whew!  Time to sit down to a quick dinner (that was cooking in the crock pot all day) as a family.  Then its on too...
Daddy coaching Miss E and her event partner for Science Olympiad while I take care of littles, put away food and work on a Vanilla Bean Cake.

Well, that was my day....and that is why I'm not blogging much.  Everyday seems to be a bit like this one was. :)

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