Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A movie...

at the theater is a big deal for our family.  Some of the big kids really wanted to see a movie.  It was between Annie and Night at the Museum (the Museum Movie won).  They asked if they helped pay if we could go.  I love seeing them understanding that they are not entitled to the fun things they want to do, and taking responsibility for making it happen.  Most of the kids chipped in to pay for their own tickets and we covered the rest plus some popcorn and drinks.
Miss A was so excited and thought it was all great fun....then the movie started and she got the wiggles.  She lasted a bit longer then I took her out to run for a bit.  She fell asleep in time for me to watch a fair bit of the end.

Mr. K thought the games in the lobby were great fun.

After the movie we drove around looking at Christmas lights and then went home to put the littles to bed.  The big kids baked some Christmas cookies.

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