Saturday, December 6, 2014

St. Nicholas Day

I grew up celebrating St. Nicholas Day.  I'm sure that Mom's catholic/Polish background had something to do with that.  My kids love celebrating this day as well.  I love how simple we can keep it, yet they love the special traditions.  I love hearing Miss C list out what she expects to find in her shoes..... 1 candy cane, 1 cutie, and some chocolate coins.... This year I added Kinder Chocolate as well.

We read about St. Nicholas, which is also a great way to learn a bit of church history.

We've started celebrating with a special meal that evening with our favorite German and Polish foods.
Pierogis made up just like my Great Grandma used to make!  YUM!

One of my kids (who will not be named) was banking on Mama's poor math skills to pull a fast one on me and add in an extra pair of shoes to be filled.  Silly boy!  
It's funny to see all of those Nike's lined up!  A BIG "thank you" to my little younger brother who earns the employee discount for us!

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