Monday, April 13, 2015

Science Olympiad STATE!!!!

All of our kids were so excited after the Regional Science Olympiad competition, and looking forward to State.  The excitement level was high that evening after the venue tour.  Much of the team (including parents and siblings) were hanging out in the hotel lobby.

Miss E and Mr R headed out early with another mom that kindly offered to take them so that we could take a little more time to get our crew down to breakfast and out the door.

Everyone was so excited.  I loved Seeing Miss A getting in on the fun.

Mr. R and his partner launched their bottle rockets in the morning and we enjoyed getting to watch.

For most of us it was a day of watching, waiting, and playing.
After a very long day these two (one of our coaches and Miss A) were so tired.  It was such a sweet moment to see Miss A gladly melt into the arms of this dear friend. 

The awards ceremony is always exciting.  Miss E and her partner(s) did well in their events.  She had 4 events and placed 2nd for Anatomy.  We were pleased to see that in her other 3 events they had stayed consistent in their placement or had improved.  Our Sr. High team placed 3rd overall.  Mr R had 3 events; he and his partner(s) placed 3rd at bottle rockets, 2nd in Write It Do It, and 1st for Elastic Launch Gliders.  Our Jr. High team placed 2nd overall.  While awards and medals are nice, they learned so much that can not be measured; the character growth and friendships are the real rewards here.

This was such a wonderful experience not just for Miss E and Mr R; but for our whole family.  We are so thankful to our teammates and coaches for making us feel so welcome on the team and for teaching us so much.  We're looking forward to next year, but for now we're also VERY thankful for a break. :)

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