Monday, March 9, 2015

Science Olympiad Regionals

It's competition day!  Lets go check it out!

Playing with the robots a bit.

Miss C loved hanging out with her favorite buddy on the team.

Waiting for big brother's rocket to launch.

I think Mr. S would like to compete in gliders next year.  He is enjoying getting some practice in here.

While Miss E was testing and the big boys were playing outside the littles enjoyed some play time inside.

We enjoyed getting to watch Mr. R fly his glider.  They did a great job!

Waiting for the awards ceremony to start.  The ceremony is the best part.
Getting their medals.  Miss E and her partner(s) got 2nd in Anatomy and 3rd in Disease Detectives/Epidemiology.  Mr R and his partner(s) got 1st in Bottle Rockets and 2nd in Elastic Launch Gliders.  Both of our Sr. and Jr. High teams placed 1st all around for the competition.  This is the only Homeschooling team in the state.  I believe there were about 30 High School teams competing and about as many Jr. High.

***While it is VERY exciting to see them doing well and earning awards; the most important lessons are the long term character development.  Good sportsmanship and working together are stressed in this team.  Perseverance, diligence, and growing relationships have been great to see not only in these two, but in other team members and some of our younger kids as well.  We are so thankful for the leadership of this team that work so hard to make it successful.  What a blessing it has been to our family to come into this wonderful group of people and receive so much help and encouragement.

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