Saturday, March 7, 2015

Getting ready for Regionals

Miss E and Mr R had been studying like crazy for the Science Olympiad Southern Colorado Regionals.  The rest of the family was is full swing support mode.  We were all super excited about this first real competition; especially after having experienced the invitational.

Miss A was all ready to load up the van.  This whole thing looked very exciting to her. :)

"What?  Cookies are involved in this?"  Miss E made some special cookies for our tea party with our special guest.

Nana came for regionals!  I had to run some quick errands Friday morning.  When I got home just before lunch I found this sweet sight....

Miss A does not go to many people and falling asleep on them is even less likely.

We stayed in a hotel near the venue.  Miss E and Mr R needed to be there super early.  Miss A didn't mind that mommy and daddy needed to get up early, she was happy to have the whole bed to herself.  Since Nana was there, Miss A got to sleep in and enjoy the bed a bit more. 

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