Saturday, March 28, 2015

Spring break

Ah, Spring break.  We had some great camping plans.  Then we changed them thinking we would need to be studying for the State Science Olympiad; and we had things we needed to be doing around the house.  Maybe we'd just enjoy some local activities we had been wanting to get to while taking care of those other things?  Then we got sick.

Our first Spring break activity was going to get manure for the garden.  Fun!  Those that were feeling well (and were interested in going) had a good time checking out the alpacas and watching the tractor loading the manure.

There was plenty of free time for those feeling well enough to play.  It was fun to see what they came up with.

I managed to get out almost every day for a bit of quiet reading time.  Miss E enjoyed joining me too.

Between his savings and birthday money from Nana; Mr R was able to pay for 1/2 of a new mind storms set.  We had agreed to pay the other 1/2 for his birthday gift.  It was ordered a bit early so that he could use the spring break time to enjoy it.

We had been asked to help with the Christian Elder Care conference that was being put on in town.  We had planned to help as a family, but we still had some sick-oes.  Mr. M and Mr. S went along with daddy to help.

Well, it wasn't what we had planned for Spring break; looking back though it was good.  The time at home to rest and and work on some smaller projects was good.  The kids enjoyed the free time.  We were able to focus on some things that needed attention as well.  God knows best, I'm glad we were able to just trust and enjoy what "life" threw at us..

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