Friday, March 27, 2015

A trip to the doctor

We've had a virus.  Its just a cold/cough.  Some of our kids have a harder time being sick than others.  Mr. S seemed to be having a very hard time with this virus, but he had some extra symptoms as well.  He had an icky tummy.  It progressed to abdominal pain one evening.  He had a fever as well.  He had a rough evening but by morning he seemed to be doing better with the home remedies that we were trying.  However; by late morning he was feeling awful again.  The fever combined with the abdominal pain (think curled up crying type pain) prompted a call to the advice nurse.  She recommended that he be seen in the next 3 hrs.  The base clinic had an opening with his doctor.  His primary concern was the possibility of appendicitis (same as the nurse's).  Blood work and an ultrasound were ordered.  Then we waited....
Daddy was able to meet us there since classes were over for the day and spring break had begun.

The good news?  His lab work looked good!  The good/bad news?  They could not find his appendix during the ultrasound.  This means appendicitis could not be officially ruled out; but that a badly infected appendix would have stuck out.  He went home to rest.  Turns out that he was just having a harder time with this virus than the rest of the kids.  A few days later he had recovered fully.

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