Monday, August 17, 2015

Summer plans....

Ah, our summer has not gone as planned.  After finding out I was pregnant our camping trip got canceled.  As did the trips to the living history museum, zoo, mining museum and well....anything else involving action on my part.  I was feeling bad for the poor kids and then I realized what they DID spend the summer doing.

They explored our new (5 acre) property.
Hiked/biked the horse trails behind our house.
Caught tadpoles, frogs and salamanders in a little pond they discovered close by alongside said trail.
They observed the growth and development of above mentioned critters through repeated visits.
Miss J taught herself how to ride a bike.
Boys mowed a fair bit of our property (repeatedly).

Mr. M moved a few trees that needed to be moved to provide more parking space.
Miss C got over her fear of chickens and even started caring for them; all on her own!

Kids explored interests and hobbies that they had not had time for during the school year.
Squirt gun fights.
Hours spent on the play set.

I saw books picked up that I wouldn't have expected to be read.
Some "camped" outside.
They worked in our garden and watched it grow.  They've started reaping the rewards as well!

Yea, I'm not feeling so bad about those canceled plans any more.  We've had plenty of busy, fun and exciting summers in the past.  What a blessing to see all of the fun and learning that can happen just by letting kids explore a bit.  They don't need to be scheduled and directed all the time (especially the older ones).  Now that our days are getting a bit cooler and I'm feeling a bit better its time to get back to a routine.

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