Thursday, August 20, 2015

Orientation day!

Well, I guess we officially had our first day of school this week.  We had Orientation Day at 12 Stones Classical Homeschool Program.  Basically its a co-op that we will be going to once a week for various classes.  God in His goodness sent this option along at a time that we needed it.  He knew we would be moving.  He knew I'd have "morning" sickness.  He knew that there was no way I'd have time for the intense school planning that I usually spend a month or more doing every summer.  We're excited not just for the classes, but for the fellowship.  We just love the emphasis on Christian Community.  We're excited about getting to spend more time with dear friends we already know and love, and getting to know more sweet families.

After orientation I treated the kids to lunch out to celebrate.  I love that 12 Stones is located fairly close to where we live (only 20 minutes away which is CLOSE!).  That limited the kids options though since in our little town the options were Sonic or KFC/A&W (ok, we have a McD's and Culver's too, but I didn't offer those).  They were all in agreement on KFC though a couple asked why Chick-fil-a wasn't an option.....too far sweeties, too far.

Miss A slept through the whole thing.  I'd anticipated this situation, so she had been well fed before we got in the van to head out.

Mr. R and Mr. M wanted take home mugs.

This was a great way to get us all thinking about getting back into a routine and getting back on track.  We're re-establishing our skeleton schedule and looking forward to adding to it in the next few weeks as we jump into another year of homeschooling!

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