Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A permit and a license

Miss E and Mr. M were busy this past month or so.  Both were studying/preparing to get a license or permit.

Mr. M went to some evening classes with Daddy for his Hunter's Safety course.  Now that he's 12 he has the option of getting a hunting license.  If he didn't take the course and pass the test he'd once again just be tagging along on the hunt.  Watching, but not shooting.  The boy passed with flying colors.  He missed only 1 question on the test.  He earned the highest score (at least for any minor taking the course) and earned a reward from the teacher.

Miss E spent a few weeks doing an on-line driver's ed course needed before she could get her driver's permit.  She worked hard to make it happen as quickly as possible.  After finishing and getting all of the paperwork together Daddy took her into the DMV to take the test.  The DMV gave her a proper welcome to "adult" life and dealing with government agencies....they were there for nearly 4 hours.  Waiting.  Waiting.  Waiting.   Miss E also did great on her test, missing only one question.  Then more waiting...The permit finally came.  It's official, she's a driver!

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