Tuesday, September 29, 2015


When we canceled our first (and only) planned camping trip this summer in exchange for "morning" sickness everyone took it well.  We were excited that a long week-end presented itself as a possibility for a quick trip before the weather turned too cold here.  The extra blessing?  Friends of ours were also in the area; the Dad's put their heads together to make this happen for us!

We stopped for a lunch picnic along the way.

We don't have many leaves changing colors around here, so it was such a blessing to get to see all of the golden aspen leaves on our drive over the pass AND where we were camping.  The river by our camp site provided some great fun the first morning.
Ah, throwing rocks in the water!  An activity that kids young and old enjoy.

We followed our friends up to a lake and spent most of the day there.  Everyone stayed in a fairly small area exploring, fishing,  throwing more rocks,  and eating.  Mr. M's persistence paid off.  He caught a fish.

The next day Rob had plans to take most of the kids to look for a geocash or two.  My back had had enough driving so he dropped me off in town with Miss E and Miss A.  Miss E wisely discerned that mom's life currently revolves around food and realized that coming with me would lead to treats.  Strangely most of the breakfast (and even coffee) places were not yet open at 8am.  At the end of the main street we finally found a bakery/coffee shop.  Then Miss E found an open book store where she promptly disappeared while Miss A and I enjoyed the couch in the children's area.

After lunch at the trailer Rob took off with most of the older kids.  The littles and I needed naps.  Miss E decided to stay behind to read.  When the littles got up we headed into town for ice cream; I was so happy that the local shop had quite a few dairy free options for Mr K to choose from.

We all met up again at the trailer planning to make dinner.  The meat for dinner was placed in the coldest part of our refrigerator and was a frozen block.  This lead to the decision to head back to town for dinner at the local pizza place.  After dinner we explored town a bit and got more ice cream (some of the kids had missed out, you know).
This place offered dairy free cheese on pizzas!  That was a first for Mr K and he was so excited!  He had the whole pizza to himself and managed to eat it ALL.

It was so nice to be able to get out at least once this summer.  The temperatures are starting to dip a bit and we're enjoying the feeling of the changing season as we start digging deep into our school year.  Perfect timing!

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