Friday, January 29, 2016

Sick days

It seems like every year around this time we get hit by some bug that knocks out most of the family.  This was that week.  Mr. K was the first.  Then Miss A.  We had hoped it would stop at those two littles, but it seems they managed to share.

Miss C went down next.  Miss A, having recovered, sweetly brought her a blanket, rocked her, and then "read" to Miss C that evening after dinner.

Next up?  The rest of them.  Mr. R, Miss E, Mr. M, and Miss J all went down at about the same time.  EVERYTHING got canceled.  Yesterday was declared a pajama day and today will be too.

So far Mr. S has managed to avoid it.  So have Rob and I, though I'm not sure if I may just have a mild form of what they all have.  As much as I do not like having us all sick I'm glad for the slower days.  I'm also thankful to be getting this out of the way now instead of closer to when baby is due.  Maybe we can stay healthy for the birth and recovery time?

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