Friday, February 5, 2016

Another blizzard!

It started slowly on Sunday afternoon.  On Monday there was a fair bit of snow and schools were closed, mostly because they knew much more was coming.  My kids did not get a snow day.  We had a make-up day after being sick for a week.  Some school was done and a fair bit of cleaning too.

On Tuesday even Daddy got a snow day.  There was so much snow.  Walkways and driveways were hidden under snow drifts.  The wind was blowing and the snow was coming down steadily.  It didn't stop coming down until evening.
This is Mr. S way out a the neighbor's driveway helping him dig out.  He had to get into work.

Snug and warm inside we played games and well....Daddy and Mr. M had a twinkie eating contest.  Mr. M had challenged his daddy; he may be growing up (and it was close) but daddy was the winner!

Wednesday morning brought a slow start to our day and sweet morning snuggles in bed.  Daddy was able to make it in to work with the 4wd truck that had chains on it.  He left the kids with the encouragement that IF he could get the minivan down the driveway that evening there'd be $20 in it for each kid that worked on that project.  They got that driveway cleared!
Mr. R and Miss J can be seen on either side of this picture digging.  Mr. M had just been there moments before the picture was taken.

Miss E made doughnuts for everyone.  While we usually just do the homemade doughnuts for the first good snow, this one was so big we thought it deserved doughnuts too. :)

Now that the sun is back out we've been enjoying our wonderful view.  We've enjoyed the slower pace that the storm brought, but we're ready to get back to our regularly scheduled activities!

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