Wednesday, November 11, 2015

First snow

We've started the tradition of celebrating the first snow with homemade doughnuts and hot chocolate.  There must be enough snow to shovel and/or play in to count.  A couple of weeks ago we saw a quick little flurry or two, but nothing even turned white.  The kids have been watching and waiting, knowing the day was coming.

Today was the day!  Miss A was so excited.  When she began to hear talk of going outside she ran to get her hat and sandals (while still in PJ's) so she could go too.  We got her appropriately bundled and she had a great time outside with the others.
*The first snow is always a time of scrambling and figuring out if we really do have enough snow pants, boots, mittens, hats etc.  It looks like last year we must have had extras because everyone was all set this time.  Yay!

The wind was really blowing out there.  Miss J didn't stray far from the house or roll in the snow.  It just blew all over her.

Miss E was more than happy to stay inside and make the doughnuts.  A couple of observant sisters got to sample the fruits of her labors (and some leftovers) a bit early.
*When we know we're getting close to the first snow I pick up the needed items to make sure we have them on hand.  Some kids have been eyeing the cans of frosting for a while.  This is the only time we get the stuff.  They all liked the simple glazed ones the best though.

The afternoon play time in the snow was much better for this guy.  The wind had died down and he was able to enjoy the time with the big kids.

After the first snow it really has to be a doozy of a snow to give us another snow day.  Any other snowy day simply calls for cuddling together, reading a good book out loud, and warm drinks.  I LOVE those days.

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