Friday, November 13, 2015

Baby bump and November Stitch Fix

I'm signed up to receive a Stitch Fix once a quarter.  I timed this one to match up with the cooling weather and my expanding waist line.  I had fun trying on the other 3 items, but they were not quite right.  I put on the pants and fell in love.  I think they are the most comfortable maternity pants I've ever owned (and I've owned MANY).  I have to admit that when I saw the stripes in the box my first thought was "what were they thinking?  stripes for a pregnant woman?"  but once I got it on I loved it.  Miss J and Miss E gave their full approval to the top as well.

I'm at 24 weeks and baby is growing nicely.  Incase you are wondering...No, we do not know the gender.  No, we are not planning on finding out.  We all thought it would be sort of fun to be surprised this time.  We're even at 4 and 4.  A quick look in the newborn bin told me that baby would not go naked in the first week or 2 no matter the gender.  I think this choice is saving us some money; I can't really shop for any baby things right now since I really like to dress my babies in gender specific clothes.

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