Saturday, November 28, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

What a week we've had celebrating and giving thanks!  God is so good to us!

On Monday we went into Daddy's office for a feast.  It's always fun to head in there to say "hi."
That evening we also managed to get the snow tires on the van; before the next storm came through.

On Tuesday the neighbor kids were going to come over for a Charlie Brown style feast, but they got sick.  We missed them, but the kids had a good time watching the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving shows while eating their popcorn and jelly beans (among other things).

Wednesday was full of baking and sledding.

On Thursday we were blessed to be able to join two other families to share a Thanksgiving meal together.  It was so nice to get to know these sweet families a bit better.  We also learned a couple of fun parlor games.  We were thankful that the storm that came through did not dump much snow, it just made everything white and extra pretty.
The kids enjoyed opening gifts (books) from grandparents.

Black Friday brought a quick trip out for a couple of items AND another Thanksgiving feast!  I always cook the full meal, even when we go to someone else's we took the opportunity to invite friends over.  Mmmm....more yummy food, fellowship and lots of sledding for some of the kids and friends.
She was sure this should come home with her.

Now we're looking forward to a quiet day eating leftovers, playing games, putting away fall decor, and pulling out Christmas!  I'm sure there will be sledding involved as well.  The boys are thankful that mommy voted for 2 sleds instead of just 1. 

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