Monday, November 9, 2015

a-a-and....they're off!

His braces came off las week!  Months early too!

A couple of months ago Mr. R started asking me when I thought they'd come off.  Thinking that it would be GREAT if we could reduce the amount of regular appointments we have before baby comes, I asked.
Our wonderful orthodontist was very understanding of our reasons to want them to come off sooner than later and took a close look.  He projected they'd be off before Christmas.  Then set a date for late in November.   Last week we got a call.  Could Mr. R come in the next day?  To get them off?  We made the necessary adjustments to our schedule and the boy got them off!  Yippee!

He got to celebrate with some candy and  junk foods he had not been able to eat all year.  It ended up making him sick for 2 days.  Bummer!

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