Tuesday, November 17, 2015


I knew snow was in the forecast, but was surprised when I looked closer to find that we were expecting a blizzard.  We were out all day and arrived home just as the snow started.  We settled in to the clean and cozy house with candles lit for dinner and reading Little House in the Big Woods while we waited for daddy to get home.  It took him a couple of hours to make his way home, that snow had started accumulating quickly!

The kids were so excited in the morning.  Out the front of the house the storm was still looking quite impressive.  The drifts were at least a couple of feet high in many places.  We prepared a fun breakfast of waffles, sausage and eggs while daddy prepared to get into work (only delayed for 2 hours).  After working for over an hour to get out of here (with the help of his boys) it was determined that he would not be getting out.  The 4WD truck was stuck about 20 feet from where it had started.

We were needing to pack our Operation Christmas Child boxes so we got that done in the morning.
*She thinks she helped.  In reality she just had a couple of  extra dum-dums

Boys headed out to play in the snow for about an hour before lunch, and then right back out again after.  Miss J joined them in the afternoon once the snow and wind stopped.  Miss A was sure she should be out there too, but we managed to distract her.
*This is where the truck got stuck.  Right in front of the house.  Our neighbor made it a bit further; his car is abandoned halfway down his driveway.
*Yes, they tunneled through the snow drift.  The one at our front step.

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