Monday, November 9, 2015

Road Trip!

We have not been doing as many road trips these last 2 years or so.  It's hard now that daddy is on a school schedule that is very restrictive.  The National Religious Liberties Conference came up on a week-end that Rob could actually get Friday off.  We decided to go for it.  Our older kids were very interested in this conference and so were we.  An extra bonus was knowing many of the people organizing it.

The kids always enjoy hotel breakfast.  The variety of choices in foods and fun drinks are always exciting.

The little ones did very well at the conference.  I had packed plenty of little activity sets for them.  Because Miss C's birthday was that week-end I let her pick out some special snacks and filled a thermal with them (and some extra treats) that she could pass around to siblings and even friends there.  She loved getting to haul that thermal around all day and being able to bless everyone when they were in need of a snack.  The rest of us really enjoyed the encouraging talks, history lessons and even speeches by Presidential candidates.

We took (what we thought would be) a short break from the conference in the evening to go out for dinner.  We had some tired kids, so after dinner I dropped off almost everyone at the hotel and took Miss E and Mr M back.  They were really wanting to get back to the conference and I was glad to take them.  By the time I got back Miss J's mild cold/cough she seemed to be recovering from had suddenly taken a turn.  By morning it was obvious she needed to see a doctor right away.  While the doctor agreed that whatever it was was acting like pneumonia; x-rays showed that it was not.  Breathing treatments helped quite a bit.  Rob and I agreed that we needed to skip the last day of the conference and get Miss J home to rest and recover.  We are thankful we already had a nebulizer as more breathing treatments have been very helpful since arriving back at home.  She is recovering nicely and feeling much better now.

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