Friday, February 5, 2016

Baby sewing projects

Today was just that kind of day.  Many of us felt the need to be productive, but not so much in the normal everyday things.  I've been wanting to get to a quilt I started quite some time ago for baby.  Miss A had fun watching the embroidery machine do it's thing for a while, then she asked to play with the button jar.

I was able to get all of the embroidery done on the quilt.  I'm now in the process of sewing the front, back and batting together.  I hope to get to the quilting before baby comes.  If not....I'm thankful that
my mom is always up for a bit of sewing when she comes. :)

Miss E thought it would be fun to look for some knitting patterns.  Maybe make something for the baby?  Miss A loves looking at the patterns with her.  I love that Miss E has just taken off with knitting.  Teaching herself how to knit and always challenging herself with new, more difficult projects and techniques.

I did manage to finish a burp rag to match the quilt.

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