Thursday, October 27, 2016

Happy Birthday Miss A

Oh this girl!  We are so blessed to have her in our lives.  If you ever think of feeling sorry for kids in a large family, think again.  I just LOVED watching my big kids plan and shop for her.  They love her (they all love each other) SO MUCH!  I barely needed to do anything for her (I did anyways) they were all so excited.  They had a big pile of gifts for her (all purchased with their own money).

Miss E and Mr M decided she needed a pinata.  They found all of the materials they needed and made it up with just a bit of advice from mom and dad.  Then Miss E purchased all of the filler as well as some decorations.

Mr. R wanted to make sure Miss F got in on the action as well.

She wanted a pink cake with chocolate inside.  We did 4 layers of cake (pink AND chocolate) and it was a VERY pink cake.  It had pink sugar sprinkled all over it.  Miss E baked the cake and I frosted/decorated it to Miss A's specifications. :)

Mr. M offered to finish off what was left of the cake

I loved seeing how her big brothers and sisters cared for her and gave of themselves to make her happy.  What a wonderful opportunity that was for them.  I loved how she enjoyed sharing all of the special gifts and treats with her siblings.

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