Saturday, October 29, 2016

What a silly little eater...

Miss F is enjoying getting to explore some new foods.  At first I thought she was not interested; she wouldn't take anything from a spoon.  Then one day I put a banana in a mesh feeder; she gobbled it up and asked for more.  She still wouldn't accept the banana from a spoon.  Oh no, only if she could feed herself.

Have you ever tried to clean one of those mesh feeders?  They are the most difficult things to clean.  We never could be sure we got them clean enough and she was holding on to this feeding method.  I suspected there must be a better option by now.  Sure enough, there is.  Silicone feeders!  We tried out a few and I posted my reviews on my other blog.  Bottom line?  She loves them all and we're all much happier with them too 'cause each and everyone of them is easier that those silly mesh ones.

Speaking of silly eaters....We love the book Seven Silly Eaters.  It's not often that we find books about large families.  This one has been a family favorite for years.  Some of our kids even have it memorized.  It's sweet, silly and encouraging all at once.

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