Tuesday, November 17, 2009

German food and shaving cream

Rob's computer is having problems, and that is the computer I use to post pictures to this blog, so no pictures for a while. :( I'll add some later for this post....

Rob made German food for dinner last night! He mentioned about a month ago that that was something he would like to have soon, but knew it would have to wait a while since I would not be up to cooking it. We realized though, that since he quite capable in the kitchen that maybe he could make the dinner! So, he made jager schnitzel, wiener schnitzel, and spatzle for us! It all turned out well and the whole family enjoyed the meal! Is he great or what?
Then today he told the kids he had a fun activity planned for them. I had no idea what he had planned either so it was a surprise to everyone. It was a simple activity, but the kids had a great time (at least some of them did). He pulled out a couple of cans of shaving cream and had the kids "finger paint" on the table! Not surprisingly Mr. R and Miss J were not too interested in participating. They don't like getting messy, even if it is for fun!

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